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This Business Disruption Costs Businesses $700 Billion Per Year

When many businesses think about an emergency notification system (ENS), true safety emergencies come to mind: terrorist attacks, a shooter on campus, or devastating natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. All of these events absolutely necessitate an ENS, but thankfully, they are also relatively rare. As a result, especially if you’re in a location that […]

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Is Your Business Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster?

No matter where you live, your business is at risk from severe weather. While this may sound alarmist, it’s also true. From hurricanes to blizzards, droughts to floods, no location is safe from mother nature’s wrath. And it’s not just industries that rely heavily on weather for their livelihood, like agriculture. When severe weather hits, […]

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Real-World Use Case: How a Florida Bank Uses AlertFind Before, During, and After a Hurricane

Many organizations use emergency notification systems like AlertFind to stay connected during severe weather situations. For one bank chain in Florida, that means a comprehensive strategy for communicating with employees before, during, and after hurricanes. At the beginning of the approaching hurricane season, the bank chain activates a “Hurricane News” portal in AlertFind’s Hotline Pro […]

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