Your Emergency Notification
System is broken.

Every emergency notification system has the same fatal flaw:
an incomplete contact database.

Most organizations have less than 40% of their employees’ cell phone numbers

That means that when an emergency strikes, the large majority of their workforce is left vulnerable. After all, you can’t get crucial alerts to people you don’t have contact info for.


AlertFind SmartContact™

AlertFind’s revolutionary new proprietary platform is disrupting the emergency alerting industry. 

Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, our proprietary platform guarantees 100% database accuracy, 100% of the time.

Effortless Database Accuracy

It’s finally possible to instantly reach everyone in your organization.
And the best part: it’s all automatic. You don’t have to do a thing.


AlertFind Connectors™ directly integrate with hundreds of data sources in your organization including Workday, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP HR, Active Directory and more.


SmartContact™ identifies missing contact information for everyone in your organization.


AlertFind Connectors™ automatically update your database with this new contact information in real time so your ENS is always up-to-date.

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

AlertFind’s proactive support specialists run free monthly database health checks to identify and resolve any database integration errors.

The World’s Only Intelligent Mass
Notification System

Instantly reach every employee to alert them of immediate threats, provide them with
critical information, and receive key updates in real time.

Instantly reach all devices with multi-channel delivery

Send notifications across multiple channels including email, text, voice call, fax, mobile app push notifications, pagers and more.

Easily set up hotlines and conference bridges

Use a custom hotline to keep employees up to date with the latest information. Facilitate real-time communication between critical personnel with a conference bridge.

Rapidly send notifications with our mobile app

Send alerts and manage responses in real time from your smartphone. Utilize in-app check-ins to target only those employees affected by a location-based event.

Share notification responsibility across teams and locations

Build teams and assign multiple administrators to ensure that critical alerts make it to your team members, no matter where they’re located around the globe.

Get status updates in real time with two-way communication

With real-time updates, you can poll each person individually or in groups. You will always know the status of your team members, so you stay informed in every situation.

Effectively target alerts to specific threats with geofencing

In the case of regional threats, you can easily communicate with users in a specific area by outlining the location on a map. Select several areas with our multiple geofencing capabilities, ensuring that every team member is notified.

Save time with
automated alerts

Pre-build messages into your alerting system that can be sent immediately when your specified conditions be met. Automated alerts save valuable time during incidents and guarantee that important information is included each time.

Reach the right people with role-based alerting

Send alerts only to those who need them by building multiple role-based recipient groups within your alerting system. This ensures that the right people receive your messages, and prevents unnecessary messages cluttering up the system.

Reduce response time with auto-escalation

Escalate your alerts to better manage events and speed up response time. If an on-call resource doesn’t respond, the incident alert automatically goes to the next member of the team until it’s picked up.

See how AlertFind’s state-of-the-art platform helps protect ALL of your people.