Emergency Preparedness System for Companies: What To Look For

AlertFind's emergency preparedness system helps organization send critical alerts during any disaster.

What Is A Mass Notification System?

Mass notification systems enable businesses to maintain organization-wide communication during emergencies.

Is Your Emergency Response Too Slow? Shorten It With These Expert Tips

The quicker your employees react to an emergency, the less potential for injuries and damage. Is your business prepared?

Can You Reach Your Employees In An Emergency? Why You Need Multi-Device Notifications

Most employees won’t have a computer handy during a crisis, but you still need to reach them. Multi-channel notifications must be part of your plan.

Two pricing options. One instant quote. Zero obnoxious sales calls just to get a price.

We offer two pricing plans designed to support businesses with different needs: unlimited users and unlimited messages. Learn more about each option:

This Business Disruption Costs Businesses $700 Billion Per Year

IT downtime reduces companies’ ability to generate income by more than 22% annually. Learn how AlertFind can mitigate the risk for your organization.

6 Steps to Choosing the Right Emergency Notification System

We share the six steps that will help you find the right emergency notification system for your organization at the best possible price.

This Is What Happens When 90,000 People Lose Power

We examine how emergency notification systems can be used in non-emergency situations, such as the recent large-scale power outage in San Francisco.

10 Features that Your Emergency Notification System Needs to Have

If you’re evaluating emergency notification systems, make sure the solution includes these ten crucial capabilities:

Buying an Emergency Notification System? 3 Pricing Models Compared

ENS pricing can dramatically vary. The first step towards finding the right solution is understanding the industry’s different pricing models.

More than 25% of the Top Law Firms in America Use AlertFind. Here’s Why.

For law firms, time is quite literally money. We discuss why so many of America’s top law firms choose AlertFind to keep their operations running.

3 Ways to Use Your Mass Notification System Beyond an Emergency

Emergency alert systems add value during any unplanned disruption, even when lives are not at stake. Learn more: