AlertFind: There’s an App for That

Emergency notification systems like AlertFind allow you to reach your people on any and all of their devices. But what about AlertFind itself? Is the system truly mobile-friendly for users and administrators?

Yes. The AlertFind mass notification system offers an available app for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with three essential capabilities:

  • Create and send notifications (for authorized administrators/leaders)
  • Receive and acknowledge notifications sent from the AlertFind system
  • GPS location check-in

Alert your people from anywhere

When time is critical, the AlertFind app enables administrators and authorized leaders to access the AlertFind system using their iOS or Android smartphones or tablets to quickly create new notifications or to launch templated messages. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to access the system anywhere, at any time, even when the sender is away from a computer.

Receive and acknowledge notifications

Recipients who have installed the app on their smart devices can receive notifications from within the app itself in addition to the notification channels already available (including email, voice calls, SMS messaging, and all of the other traditionally-used channels). Notifications sent in rich text format will be displayed in the app in full context, including formatted content, lists, links and more. This rich text capability improves readability for users and allows senders to add emphasis to specific and important information via different fonts, colors, formatting, etc. As a result, the message gets communicated more quickly and clearly than with email, SMS or plain text messages.

Recipients can also instantaneously respond to the notifications within the app to confirm receipt, report their condition, respond to polls, join conference calls, and interact with each notification as needed.

GPS check-in capability

Staying in touch with employees and staff who are often on the move can be challenging – unless you have the available AlertFind app. Mobile recipients can simply use the app’s “check-in” option to send their GPS coordinates to AlertFind. If you need to reach people located within certain areas, administrators and leaders can create a notification (or use a notification template), define a geofenced area on the map displayed in the app, and deliver the notification to all of the recipients within the defined area(s).

Use case: messaging employees in a defined area
with no computer access

As an example, consider a circumstance in which an important notification needs to be sent to both mobile employees and employees at fixed sites within a certain geographic location – and you have no access to a computer. Using the app, an administrator or authorized leader can compose a notification, either from scratch or by using a notification template, and address it to all of the personnel within one or more geofenced areas that can be created as an overlay on the displayed map. Tap the “Send” button in the app, and the notification is delivered to all of the recipients whose GPS locations or sites fall within the defined polygons.

Interested in learning more about AlertFind, including its mobile app? Request a demo to see AlertFind in Action, or get in touch to see how AlertFind could benefit your organization.

You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

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