Return to Work Safely During COVID-19

AlertFind Keeps Your People Safe, Informed And Engaged During COVID-19 With Modern Alerting And Communication Features

How to Ensure Business Continuity As You Adjust to the New Normal

Whether you’re orchestrating a safe return to work, your employees are shifting to remote work long term or you’re implementing some combination of the two—ensuring business continuity requires keeping all employees safe, informed and connected. As things continue to evolve, you’re likely to have some employees back in the office full-time while others continue to work from home. Navigating this hybrid environment can be extremely tricky, especially if you don’t have the proper tools in place. 

That’s where AlertFind can help. Our end-to-end return-to-work solution prevents disruptions to your business operations by keeping your employees, suppliers and customers connected at all times. AlertFind makes it easy to implement a successful phased reopening and return to work with contact tracing, wellness checks, symptom management and more.

What Can a Business Continuity
Platform Be Used For?

As you orchestrate a safe return to work AlertFind’s innovative solution helps
protect employee health and business operations alike with the following features:


Manage the complexity of reopening and returning to work with AlertFind’s industry-leading geofencing and two-way communication capabilities. Bring your return to work plan to life with effective communication that keeps your in-office, work from home (WFH) and hybrid workers connected. Use 1-click alerts and employee responses to stay on top of the evolving guidelines and mandates and ensure business continuity.

Contact Tracing:

Quickly identify and alert any employees who may have come into contact with an infected individual through AlertFind’s geofencing capabilities. Use employee responses to monitor and predict the spread of the outbreak by determining who experienced a high-risk contact.

Symptom Management:

Slow the spread of COVID-19 by identifying potential carriers immediately. Use AlertFind’s real-time, two-way audience communication features to get daily status updates from every employee. Know how your employees are feeling,quickly identify those who may be experiencing fever or other symptoms and provide instructions for their next steps.

COVID-19 Notification Templates:

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation. Social distancing recommendations, travel restrictions and quarantine guidelines change quickly and regularly. You need to be able to get the word out fast. Using pre-written templates saves valuable time and guarantees that all the necessary information is included.

Instant Multichannel Alerts:

You need to be able to alert every single employee at the first sign of an outbreak. AlertFind is the only ENS that automatically collects cell phone numbers and updates your contact database for you—guaranteeing you can reach 100% of your employees with one click.

For more information, check out our Pandemic Resources Page and our blog about the
importance of an ENS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who Can Use a Business Continuity Platform?

AlertFind’s platform is ideal for any organization, big or small, that is looking to keep its employees safe, connected and engaged during rapidly evolving situations. Whether you want to communicate protocols for Work From Home and Hybrid Work policies or enforce office protocols that reduce the risk of infection, AlertFind has everything you need to de-risk the return to work.

Even if your organization does not have a business continuity plan in place, you can trust AlertFind to protect your people and preserve your operations by providing a reliable method of communication for everyone in your organization. AlertFind offers critical COVID-19 preparedness capabilities for businesses, governments, educational institutions, healthcare providers and more.

Why Does Your Organization Need a Business Continuity Messaging Solution

A strong preparedness plan promotes employees’ well-being and preserves their productivity. It helps minimize the risks associated with doing business during any emergency and ensures that your company is fulfilling its duty of care to your employees.

As business resumes worldwide, AlertFind can also help you assess pandemic-related impacts to your operations. With state-of-the-art mass notification technology, AlertFind helps you track and respond to any changes in vendor operations, travel disruptions, facility closures and more. 

Leverage AlertFind’s innovative communication features to perform wellness checks on workers who may be geographically isolated. Use the AlertFind platform to ensure that critical pandemic-related messages—such as those regarding infection hotspots or best practices for hygiene—get seen by everyone.

Powerful, Automated Response Management

Automate and Accelerate Incident Response Activities: Increase Speed and Decisiveness to Mitigate Threats and Improve Outcomes

Pre-Written Coronavirus Alert Templates

Get coronavirus-related information to your employees fast by writing COVID-19 alert templates ahead of time. Send them with one click when needed.

Escalation Paths

Ensure a successful COVID-19 pandemic response with auto-escalating alerts that continue along a designated path until the message is acknowledged and/or the issue is resolved.

Automatic Integrations

Pull in information from your service desk and other monitoring tools such as Remedy, ServiceNow, Zendesk and Freshdesk. AlertFind offers a library of 200+ free API connectors.

Modern, Targeted
Communication In Real Time

Always Up-To-Date
Contact Info

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your employees are more spread out than ever before. Only AlertFind offers SmartContact™, guaranteeing 100% database accuracy for your entire organization.

Get Status Updates
In Real Time

Keep everyone connected, even when working remotely. Audience communication features include read receipts, surveys, incoming messages, conference calls and “need help” requests.

Reach The Right People With Precision Targeting

Notify team members that are near or scheduled to go to hazardous areas—such as coronavirus hotspots—with geo-targeted alerts.

Optimize Your Coronavirus Preparedness

AlertFind offers real-time reports and insights, so you can track how your employees are seeing and responding to pandemic-related notifications. AlertFind’s detailed metrics and analytics make it easy to analyze and optimize your coronavirus preparedness and crisis management.

Our extensive reporting capabilities allow you to track progress, history, usage and more.

  1. We chose AlertFind because of its ease of use and deployment, and also the impressive caliber of their service and technical support team.

    Frank Garofalo

    Vice President

  2. As we all know, communication is the key to success during an emergency. AlertFind is an important component of our emergency operations plan to help protect our employees.

    Trish Taranto

    Sr. Business Continuation Analyst

    Enterprise Insurance and Business Resiliency.

  3. AlertFind continued to step up and deliver everything we wanted with one comprehensive solution. Their willingness and continued commitment to meeting our needs really made the difference.

    Diane Harris

    Business Assurance Principal

  4. Our organization feels this is the best money we have ever spent. Initially we were looking for a way to send emergency notifications; however we have discovered many more ways to use AlertFind

    Gloria Schoeppe

    Chairperson, Emergency Preparedness Committee

    Glen Eden Sun Club

Return to Work Safely With AlertFind

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