Keep Your Organization Connected With A Business Notification System

AlertFind’s business notification system keeps everyone in your organization connected and informed at all times.

What Is A Business Notification System?

A business notification system is a communication platform used to deliver both urgent and non-urgent messages to key employees and stakeholders via multiple channels such as text, voice, email, etc. It is a critical part of an organization’s business continuity plan, allowing businesses to communicate to all employees with critical company information.

Who Can Use A Business Notification System?

A business notification system is ideal for any organization, big or small, that needs an easy-to-use communication tool to connect its team members. A business notification system is ideal for businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, nonprofits, hospitals, churches, member organizations and more.

What Situations Can A Business Notification System Be Used For?

A business notification system can be used for both urgent and non-urgent business communications. Multi-channel delivery ensures that every notification reaches the intended recipients every time.

Top Use Cases For A Business Notification System

Organizations face a wide variety of threats and need to be able to react quickly and alert their employees so they can take protective action

Emergency Preparedness

Organizations face a wide variety of threats and a business notification system is crucial in protecting your organization. It allows you to communicate quickly with all relevant employees and stakeholders to alert them to any immediate threats and provide them with helpful information. An business notification system can be used to communicate during any type of emergency - from natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes to active shooter events.

Other common emergency uses include:

  • Denial of access incidents, like fires or chemical spills
  • Power outages
  • Workplace violence incidents
  • Weather-related incidents, such as flooding and snowstorms
  • Road closings

By sending alerts across multiple channels, a business notification system is your best tool for getting life-saving alerts to your team.

IT Alerting

With downtime costing North American companies billions of dollars every year, a business notification system is critical in protecting your organization's bottom line. It allows you to quickly and effectively engage your IT staff during an incident so that your team can take immediate action. A business notification system can be used to maintain business operations during any type of IT incident.

Common IT uses include:

  • Cyber attacks
  • Data breaches
  • Power outages
  • Server outages

By targeting alerts to key IT employees and automatically escalating messages until the problem is resolved, a business notification system is your best tool for decreasing costly downtime at your organization.

General Business Notifications

A business notification system is an extremely useful tool in day-to-day business operations. The easy-to-use platform streamlines communication across your entire organization, enabling your team members to send and receive critical business notifications from anywhere.

Meeting Invites

A comprehensive business notification system allows you to target notifications to preset recipient groups. This ensures that the right people receive your messages. When you need to quickly call a team together, simply select the desired team from your list of preset groups and blast a meeting notification instantly.

Project Updates

A state-of-the-art business notification system will allow recipients to respond to messages and provide feedback. This gives your team members the power to easily check on the status of projects and make updates as needed.

Office Closure Alerts

You can pre-write alerts for common business interruptions such as a power outage, adverse weather, transportation disruptions, meeting changes, etc. Those pre-planned business notifications can be sent out immediately should the situation arise, saving valuable time and guaranteeing that your employees stay up-to-date.

Enhance Collaboration

Collaboration is key to successful business operations. A business notification system’s conference bridge feature enables you to bring your organization’s leaders together to strategize and make decisions in real-time no matter where they are located.

On-The-Go Communications

AlertFind’s business notification system mobile app gives both you and your employees mobile access to your communication hub. Send and receive critical business updates no matter where you are.

Regional-Based Notifications

If your organization has multiple offices, limit notification fatigue by targeting employees by location. In regional events, notify only those involved by drawing a virtual fence around the desired area. Geofencing notifications allow you to target employees of a specific office with highly relevant information.

Internal Announcements

Maintain transparency and keep the wider organization informed by using your business notification system to setup up a hotline. Employees can listen to the latest information and updates when they have a moment to call in, without interrupting their workflow.

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Keep Your Organization Connected At All Times With A Business Notification System

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