AlertFind Keeps Your Organization Connected In An Emergency

Instantly communicate with every employee, alerting them to immediate threats and outages in real time. Whatever incident your organization is facing, rapid notification is essential for a quick and effective response.

Critical alerting features

Instantly notify employees and run incident management in any emergency.

Instantly reach all devices with multi-channel delivery

Send unlimited notifications across multiple channels, so recipients are more likely to see them. Channels include email, text, voice call, fax, mobile app push notifications, pages and more.

Get status updates in real time with two-way communication

With real-time updates you always know the status of your team members. Audience communication features include read receipts, surveys, incoming messages, conference calls and “need help” requests.

Easily set up custom hotlines and conference bridges

Use a custom hotline to keep employees up to date with the latest information. You can also facilitate real-time communication between critical personnel through a conference bridge.

Effectively target alerts with geofencing

In the case of regional events or threats, you can easily communicate with users in any area of your choosing. Simply outline the location on a map. You can select several areas at once with our multiple geofencing capabilities, ensuring that every member of your team is notified.

Use multiple language support to communicate with everyone on your team

Our multiple language support ensures that all your people have the information they need, when they need it.

Reach employees all over the world with global coverage

Keep your team members up to date, no matter where they are, by sending notifications around the world.

Rapidly send notifications with our mobile app

Send alerts and manage responses in real time from your smartphone. Utilize in-app check-ins to target only those employees affected by a location-based event. As an added bonus, notifications sent from the mobile app are exempt from message charges.

Optimize crisis communications with pre-written alerts

Get relevant information to your employees immediately with pre-planned alerts. When an emergency strikes, pre-written messages can be sent out with one click. Using pre-written templates saves valuable time during a crisis and guarantees that all the necessary information is included.

Keep your database up to date with automatic integration

Easily integrate AlertFind with your current employee data from systems like Workday, PeopleSoft, SAP and Active Directory. Our professional team can assist with custom API integrations.

AlertFind SmartContact

AlertFind is the only emergency notification solution that guarantees your database will have the most critical piece of contact info – a mobile number – for 100% of your people.

Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, AlertFind SmartContact™ not only keeps your contact database up to date in real time; it also collects and updates crucial mobile contact info for your employees.

Secure, reliable platform

Get the support, access and reporting your emergency preparedness plan requires.

99.5% uptime guaranteed

Off-site hosting in redundant data centers ensures that our system will be available even when your infrastructure is down. 99.5% uptime is guaranteed, even during major regional disasters.

Safeguard your data with enterprise-level security

We provide the safest environment for your data through highly secure AWS data centers, employing best-practice security policies to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

Excellent customer support, available 24/7

AlertFind Solution Experts are standing by 24/7 to assist you with anything and everything.

Improve your emergency plan with real-time reports and insights

Use our data-driven insights to improve the way your organization handles an event. Our extensive reporting capabilities allow you to track progress, history, usage and more.

Control the flow of information with notification hierarchy

Build teams and assign priority levels to manage who has access to your information.

Share notification responsibility with multiple administrators

Create groups and assign multiple administrators. By delegating, you can ensure that critical alerts make it to your team members in any situation.

As the world’s most trusted ENS, our mission is to exceed the most stringent international requirements for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy!

  1. We chose AlertFind because of its ease of use and deployment, and also the impressive caliber of their service and technical support team.

    Frank Garofalo

    Vice President

  2. As we all know, communication is the key to success during an emergency. AlertFind is an important component of our emergency operations plan to help protect our employees.

    Trish Taranto

    Sr. Business Continuation Analyst

    Enterprise Insurance and Business Resiliency.

  3. AlertFind continued to step up and deliver everything we wanted with one comprehensive solution. Their willingness and continued commitment to meeting our needs really made the difference.

    Diane Harris

    Business Assurance Principal

  4. Our organization feels this is the best money we have ever spent. Initially we were looking for a way to send emergency notifications; however we have discovered many more ways to use AlertFind

    Gloria Schoeppe

    Chairperson, Emergency Preparedness Committee

    Glen Eden Sun Club

Keep Your Organization Connected With An Emergency Notification System

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