Limit Damage. Decrease Downtime. It All Starts With Secure IT Alerting

Whether you’re dealing with a service outage or cyber attack, AlertFind’s off-network emergency communications allow you to take action to fight the threat and keep your business running.

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Keep Your Organization Informed When Systems Are Down

IT outages cost North American companies up to $700B a year. When every minute is costing your company thousands of dollars, you need alerting that allows you to take action quickly while redirecting employees so they can stay productive.

Integrate With Your Service Desk Solution

Easily integrate our alerting service using APIs for leading service desk solutions Remedy, ServiceNow, Zendesk and Freshdesk. Streamline and extend your alerting capabilities with our library of API connectors.

Target Your Alerts To Specific Groups

Set up preconfigured recipient groups so you can send alerts to the person or team that can take action to resolve the issue. Avoid alert fatigue and reduce the chance an alert will be missed with general, team-wide notifications.

Make Sure Every Employee Is Informed

With our SmartContact feature, you can be confident that every employee’s contact information is in your database. No employee will miss a critical update or notice of service outages or system changes. Prevent confusion and maintain productivity for every employee.

Resolve IT Issues Faster With Auto-Escalations

With auto-escalations, you can manage the notifications needed to resolve IT issues, making sure no time is wasted assigning the issue to the team that can fix it. If an on-call resource doesn’t respond, the incident alert goes to another member of the team until it’s picked up.

No Service, No Problem - Your Alerts Still Get Delivered

With our secure off-network alerts, supported by redundant data centers, every alert you send will be delivered. You never have to worry that you can’t communicate with your organization when email is down. Our alerts reach employees on multiple channels - email, text, voice call, fax, mobile app push notifications, pages, and more.

Send Real-Time Updates With Two-Way Communication

Get real-time information from your team, either individually or in groups. With the ability to poll your team or have them send “help needed” requests, you can respond quickly, improving your response time and overall incident management.

Easily Set Up Hotlines & Conference Bridges

Bring your team together on a custom conference bridge to discuss the incident and deploy your resources. Keep the wider organization informed by setting up a hotline where they can listen to the latest information and updates.

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