Safeguard Your Organization With Emergency Notifications

Instantly reach every employee to alert them of immediate threats, provide them with critical information, and receive key updates in real time.

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Be Ready For Any Threat, From Natural Disasters To Active Shooters

Organizations face a wide variety of threats and need to be able to react quickly and alert their employees so they can take protective action.

No Matter The Crisis, Your Alerts Will Be Delivered

In many emergencies, typical means of communication will fail. AlertFind’s secure off-network emergency notifications, supported by redundant data centers, enable you to reach your employees even when phone lines are down or systems go offline. 100% uptime guaranteed.

100% Uptime Guaranteed
Seamlessly keep your employee contact data up-to-date with AlertFind SmartContact™

Reach Every Employee, Every Time

Send your emergency alerts across multiple channels to ensure they reach your recipients in time. Make certain no employee is left in the dark by using our emergency mass notification system to simultaneously push alerts through email, text, voice, fax, mobile and more.

Effortlessly Maintain Your Contact Database

AlertFind SmartContact™ keeps your ENS contact database up-to-date so you can be confident your alerts are reaching your entire team. No employee will miss a critical update, keeping everyone safe and informed.

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Optimize Your Crisis Communication with Pre-Written Alerts

Get relevant information to your employees immediately with pre-planned emergency alerts. Pre-written messages can be sent out with one click should an emergency strike, saving valuable time during a crisis and guaranteeing that all the necessary information is included every time.

Target Alerts ToSpecific People

Not every employee needs to be notified in every situation. Target your emergency alerts to preset recipient groups to ensure that the right people receive your messages. Limiting company-wide notifications will help your organization avoid alert fatigue and reduce the chance a critical alert will be missed.

Improve Your Emergency Response With Two-Way Communication

In emergency situations, both your organization’s leadership and the first responders will rely on feedback from employees at the scene. AlertFind’s emergency notification software gives your team members the ability to reply to system administrators, respond to polls and send “need help” requests.

Target Alerts To Specific Locations

In regional emergency situations, notify only those affected by drawing a virtual fence around the impacted area. Geo-fencing alerts is particularly useful during a natural disaster, chemical or hazardous spill, riot, protest, bomb threat, active shooter or traffic delay.

Manage Alerts On The Go With Our Mobile App

AlertFind’s mobile app gives both you and your employees mobile access to your emergency notification system. Send and receive alerts while on the move to stay informed while staying safe.

Quickly Create Hotlines & Conference Bridges

Bring your organization’s critical leaders together to make decisions in real-time with a conference bridge. Relay critical decisions and helpful information to the rest of the company with customizable hotlines.

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