Get More From Your ENS With API Connectors

The majority of today’s workforce interacts with multiple different software applications every single day. Whether it’s your service desk solution, your HR database or your payroll processing program, you rely on these services to complete your day-to-day activities and keep your organization running.

However, juggling all of the different platforms can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Not only is it a pain to manually transfer data from one platform to the next, critical information, such as employee contact data, can be lost in the process. Fortunately, you can easily streamline this process and amplify your alerting capabilities with API connectors.

What Is An API?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of clearly defined methods you can use to communicate with an application. There are two types of APIs: private and public.

Private API

A private API is often used internally. It allows for different parts of a complex application to communicate and pass information around.

Public API

A public API is usually open to anyone who wants to build and expand on a given application. It enables you to programmatically retrieve data, save information, and execute functions in a more custom and efficient manner.

When two different applications have public API’s, you can create powerful and time-saving functionality by having them “talk” to each other programmatically through the use of API connectors.

What Is An API Connector?

Unfortunately, different APIs don’t automatically know how to communicate with each other. The data being passed along often needs to be cleaned up and reformatted. API connectors process and refactor the transmitted data so that it can be understood and used by both applications.

To simplify things, think of API connectors as mediators for your data. They facilitate the “conversation” so that both applications can work together successfully.

The Value Of API Connectors

API-led connectivity empowers your organization and allows you to reap the full benefits of every application you use, especially emergency notification systems. API connectors are:


If you select a software application with built-in API connectors integrating your services will come at no extra cost to you.

For example, AlertFind offers a library of over 200 free API connectors. We also provide complimentary API implementation support so that you can get started right away.


APIs streamline your business processes by automating manual tasks. They complete tasks programmatically, rather than via direct user interaction. This greatly reduces the amount of time required for each task.

Connecting your emergency notification system to an HR platform like Workday, PeopleSoft, SAP or Active Directly allows you to automatically keep your contact database up-to-date. It saves both you and your employees time by eliminating the need to manually audit and update the contact information in both systems.


Automating tasks through API integrations will save your organization countless man-hours and allows you to expend fewer resources. This frees up your employees to focus on more important projects.


API connectors allow you to easily integrate with countless third-party applications, expanding your alerting capabilities tenfold.

State-of-the-art emergency notification systems will be able to integrate with leading service desk solutions, monitoring tools, HR databases, and more. The possibilities for your organization are endless.


API connectors enable you to create a custom experience through your applications. You can easily create a fully integrated mass communication platform that is tailored to fit the exact alerting needs of your organization.


API connections are easy to create, remove, and alter as needed. This ensures that you will be able to adapt the services as your organization grows and the threats facing your business evolve.

It also makes it less likely that you will grow out of any software applications that you have already paid for.

To learn more about how AlertFind’s library of 200+ free API connectors amplifies your alerting capabilities, schedule a demo today.

You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

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