Get More From Your ENS By Using It For Business Notifications

Do your employees pay attention to every message you send them? Most organizations have a communication strategy in place to keep employees informed. However, the way companies send these notifications isn’t always efficient. The good news is, you can solve this problem by sending both urgent and non-urgent messages with your ENS. Here’s what you need to know about using your ENS for business notifications. 

Why You Should Use Your ENS For Business Notifications

Before you start using your ENS for business notifications, it’s important to understand why you should make this change. There are three key benefits organizations experience when sending business notifications with their ENS. 

Streamlining Communication

Streamlining your communication with an ENS simplifies day-to-day business operations. It’s much easier to manage all of your important messages when you send notifications on a single platform. 

Getting Messages Noticed

If you rely on one channel, such as email, to send notifications, there’s no guarantee that your entire team will see them. That’s left up to chance. Using your ENS to send messages on several different channels can fix this problem. For example, SMS messages have a 98% open rate, compared to 20% for email. 

Business Continuity 

Having a strategy for sending all types of communications is a critical part of any business continuity plan. When you use an ENS for business notifications, employees will always get your messages, even when systems are down.

How To Use Your ENS For Business Notifications 

Once you decide to use your ENS for business communications, it’s time to think about what notifications are most useful in your organization. Some of the messages you can send include: 

Meeting Invites

Use your business notification system to create preset groups for different teams. Then, when you want to get the team together, you can select it from your list of preset groups and send a meeting notification instantly.

Project Updates 

Want to quickly get more information about a project? You can check the status of projects by sending out a message to your team and requesting their feedback. 


Collaboration plays an important role in getting the best results from your employees. With AlertFind’s conference bridge feature, you can send a message and bring your organization’s leaders together to make decisions in real time, no matter where they are.

Regional Notifications

Sending irrelevant notifications can cause employees to tune out messages. However, you can avoid notification fatigue by targeting employees based on their location. In regional events, use your ENS to notify only those affected by creating a geofence around the area. 

Internal Announcements

Every internal announcement, big and small, has value. You can use your ENS to send business notifications about everything from training and events to leftover pizza in the conference room. This can drastically reduce the amount of time and money that goes to waste. 

Keep Your Organization Connected 

You don’t have to struggle to keep all of your employees informed. Schedule a demo today to see how AlertFind’s business notification system helps you better communicate with your employees and streamline business operations.

You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

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