Most Emergency Notifications Systems Have The Same Flaw: An Incomplete Contact Database

In a crisis, an emergency notification system is useless without up-to-date contact information for every single employee. Unfortunately, most mass notification systems have failed to keep pace with the ever-changing communication landscape and are still behind the times when it comes to updating users’ contact databases.

This fatal flaw renders many emergency notification systems ineffective - with most organizations having less than 40% of their employees’ contact information.

Why Is An Up-To-Date Database Important?

Whether your organization is faced with a hurricane, an active shooter or the flu, you need to be able to alert everyone that may be affected. If your emergency notification system is only set up with 40% of your employee contact information, you are leaving more than half of your workforce vulnerable.

This lack of communication leads to increased panic, chaos and injury. It also opens the door for the spreading of misinformation, which is often extremely damaging. And finally, this inability to reach everyone makes it exponentially more difficult to recover and resume operations.

This is a problem AlertFind has uniquely solved.

How is AlertFind Different From Every Other Tool?

AlertFind is the only full-featured ENS that guarantees 100% enrollment. Our unique employee contact database features use best-in-class technology to keep your entire organization safe and connected.

Connect To Your Employee Contact Database With AlertFind Connectors™

The first step is syncing your current contact information with our tool. AlertFind makes this step quick and painless as our proprietary platform connects directly to hundreds of data sources including Workday, Peoplesoft, Active Directory and more.

Keep Your Employee Contact Database Up-To-Date With AlertFind SmartContact™

Next, we focus our attention on keeping your employee contact database 100% up-to-date, 100% of the time. This is where AlertFind SmartContact™ steps in.

With a combined use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science, AlertFind SmartContact™ discovers when important contact details change. It then updates your employee database with the new contact information in real-time.

Maintain Your Contact Database With The Help Of Our Specialists

The final piece is AlertFind’s best-in-class support specialists. With free monthly database health checks, our specialists work proactively to identify any potential gaps in your employee contact database and to resolve these potential issues before they become serious problems.

They work with you to test and validate each of your communication channels, such as SMS, email and voice to ensure everyone can be successfully alerted should a crisis strike.

Rest Easy Knowing All Your Employees Are Connected

Can you imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are fully equipped to communicate with any employee at any given time? AlertFind’s one-of-a-kind contact database features make AlertFind the only ENS that can guarantee 100% enrollment, ensuring everyone is protected.

Don’t settle for anything less than 100%. Schedule a demo today.

You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

Take the next step toward protecting your organization by learning more about emergency notification systems and the vital role they play in your emergency preparedness plan.