Get More From Your ENS: Add IT Monitoring Alerts

IT outages, no matter the cause, cost organizations billions of dollars every year.

You can improve your recovery time, increase efficiency and save money simply by adding IT monitoring alerts to your current emergency notification system.

How Do IT Monitoring Alerts Lead To Faster Service Recovery?

Adding IT monitoring alerts to your ENS allows you to automate your IT notifications. It also allows you to create a centralized hub for all alerts, drastically decreasing the amount of time it takes to recover from any type of crisis.

Reduce Initial Response Time

Adding IT monitoring alerts to your ENS enables you to instantly notify all relevant parties in the case of an outage.

Using the alerting capabilities of your ENS ensures that every employee will be informed and updated through two-way, multi-channel communication. This rapid notification drastically reduces your initial response time, allowing your organization to take action immediately.

Improve Team Collaboration

The two-way communication features of your ENS will improve collaboration across your organization. In an IT emergency, you can target your messages to only those who need to be alerted and invite critical team members to join a conference call.

If messages go unanswered, they will auto-escalate to the next team member on your list. This continue until a message is received and acted upon.

Speed Up Incident Resolution

With increased response time and improved collaboration, your organization will see a drastic reduction in overall downtime.

Reduce Call Volume

Proactively notifying all key stakeholders of an IT incident will allow you to greatly reduce the amount of costly, time-consuming phone calls your call center receives. This frees up resources that can then be reallocated to more crucial areas.

What Are The Benefits Of One Unified Alerting System?

Limit Confusion

An immense benefit of having one unified alerting system is that your employees will only have to learn to use one platform. This makes it easier to onboard and train employees, guaranteeing that they will be ready to take advantage of the service whenever they need to.

Improve Efficiency

Having all communications, both emergency and IT, on one platform greatly improves efficiency. Not only will employees be familiar with and quick to use the tool, but all communications and information will be organized in one centralized location, easily available to all stakeholders.

Decrease Cost

Bringing all of your organization’s communications into one platform will save your organization a significant amount of money. Not only will your vendor fees be cut in half (if not more) but you will also save money on personnel and facilities.

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You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

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