Mold, Air and Other Hidden Indoor Dangers

The home is a place where families need to be safe. Parents and caregivers try to be vigilant in maintaining a safe home. Many of the dangers are ones that are clear. Dangers such as fire, burglary, property dangers and more are common concerns that need to be addressed. However, one of the least recognizable dangers are ones that can't be seen, but pose dangers are indoor air hazards.

Home hazards such as mold, carbon monoxide, radon, and other hidden dangers are not as apparent. These are hazards that are not easy to detect. They do not have any visible signs that danger is imminent. Only detectors can truly identify the dangers.

Indoor air concerns such as these can cause health problems ranging from nausea to potentially lethal situations. To combat indoor health problems, it is important to be aware of danger signs and learn how to address them.

The following information can be helpful to homeowners, property owners, tenants and others who want to learn more about indoor health problems. We hope this information helps you and your family stay safe from the hidden dangers in your home.

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