How a Florida Bank Used AlertFind Before, During, and After a Hurricane

Many organizations use emergency notification systems like AlertFind to stay connected during severe weather situations. For one bank chain in Florida, that means a comprehensive strategy for communicating with employees before, during, and after hurricanes.

At the beginning of the approaching hurricane season, the bank chain activates a "Hurricane News" portal in AlertFind's Hotline Pro area, where the bank posts daily updates about tropical storms and advancing hurricanes. Employees may dial into the portal to listen to these updates and hear preparedness tips and bank-related announcements. About 72 hours before a hurricane’s predicted landfall, the bank begins sending twice-daily notifications to its employees about the approaching hurricane, including its expected intensity and the locations anticipated to be impacted.

24 hours prior to landfall, the bank sends notifications to all of its locations in the affected areas, advising employees that the branches will be closed and that employees should take whatever actions are necessary, depending on the imminent risk. This may include recommending that employees evacuate the area to safer locations or shelter in place, depending on the risk level.

Throughout the hurricane's landfall, the bank continues to update the Hotline Pro "Hurricane News" area with pertinent information. It also issues notifications to employees containing the same information via email, SMS and phone calls to ensure the best possibility of getting the word to all of the affected employees.

Following the hurricane's passing, the bank sends an "employee status" poll notification to employees. The poll contains three selections:

  • Press "1" if the employee is OK, and can report to work when scheduled.
  • Press "2" if the employee is OK, but needs a few days before returning to work. The employee is then prompted to enter the number of days needed on his phone's keypad.
  • Press "3" if the employee needs assistance. The employee is then prompted to enter the best phone number where he can be reached.

Although this model is designed for delivery to phone devices, AlertFind automatically formats the message's prompts differently for delivery via phone, SMS or email, so that an employee can respond using any of these methods. The employee can also call directly into the hotline to listen to the notification and submit a response.

The bank's AlertFind Administrators can view the poll results and identify how each employee has responded. They prioritize reaching out to employees who need assistance first. They then use the AlertFind emergency notification system to send follow-up messages to other respondents with additional instructions or details. In the days that follow, the bank continues updating the Hotline Pro section with new information and issues additional notifications to employees about the reopening of different bank branches, returning to work, and any temporary re-assignments if needed.

This bank takes hurricane preparedness seriously. With AlertFind, they can proactively prepare their employees for a hurricane, stay up-to-date on its impact, determine their employees’ well-being, and help them recover after the storm passes. The bank and its employees appreciate AlertFind’s ability to keep them connected when they need it most.

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