Improve Your Emergency Communications With Recipient Groups

If your employees aren’t engaging with your emergency alerts, your emergency notification system is effectively useless.

Cut back on unnecessary notifications and increase the effectiveness of your emergency communications by creating and using recipient groups.

What Are Recipient Groups?

A recipient group is a preset collection of users that you can quickly and easily message through your emergency notification system.

Recipient groups can be designated in any way you choose. Users can be organized according to department, job function, location, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Why Should I Include Recipient Groups In My Emergency Preparedness Plan?

Using recipient groups within your emergency notification system directly improves the success of your emergency communications plan.

Recipient Groups Save Times

Whether you are facing an active shooter or a cyber attack, every second counts. Determining which users need to be given what information takes a lot of time, time that you may not have.

Predefining recipient groups ensures that the right information gets to the right people, instantly.

Recipient Groups Eliminate Alert Fatigue

If your users are constantly being inundated with messages and alerts, they will stop paying attention to them. This desensitization can lead to longer response times and missed messages.

Preset recipient groups ensure that each user only receives the notifications that are relevant to them. This helps your organization avoid alert fatigue and reduces the chance that a critical alert will be missed.

Recipient Groups Prevent Escalating Chaos

Not every employee needs to be notified in every situation. Furthermore, not every employee needs the same information in every situation. If you simply send out identical alerts to every team member, you employees will not have a clear understanding of how the situation affects them or what their next steps should be.

Sending out targeted alerts via recipient groups allows you to personalize the information. This gives both your employees and your organization the best chance for a quick recovery.

How Do Recipient Groups Work?

Your emergency notification system should offer a simple process for creating, saving and utilizing preset recipient groups.

AlertFind, for example, allows you to access preconfigured recipient groups on both our web application and our mobile app. You can create and save as many recipient groups as you need, and you can even create a notification hierarchy system to ensure that every selected team member gets their notification and responds in the appropriate fashion.

To learn more about how AlertFind improves your emergency communications, schedule a demo today.

You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

Take the next step toward protecting your organization by learning more about emergency notification systems and the vital role they play in your emergency preparedness plan.