Active Shooter Assessment

With our new online assessment tool, you can evaluate and get the tactical advice you need to improve your active shooter preparedness plan in just 10 minutes.

While it is impossible to prevent all active shooter events, you can drastically increase your employees’ chances of survival by having a comprehensive preparedness plan in place.

Is Your Organization Ready For An Active Shooter?

After completing a quick 10-question survey, you’ll receive expert advice
from expert Jay Bryant in the following areas:

Overall Active Shooter Preparedness

You’ll evaluate the four major areas your active shooter plan should cover: assessment of your physical site, identification of interior shelters, regular active shooter preparedness drills and an emergency notification system.

Emergency Notification System

You’ll evaluate your organization’s ability to immediately alert employees across multiple channels during an active shooter event, including how you use an emergency notification system in your business.

Overall Training

You’ll evaluate your active shooter training program, including how well you teach defensive tactics, how to communicate detailed information to the police and how to disarm an attacker. You’ll also rate the variety of teaching methods used.

Continuity Strategy

You’ll evaluate the types of support services you offer employees who’ve been affected by the active shooter event, including individual counseling, support groups, remote work or extended leave.

Medical Training

You’ll evaluate the types of medical training you offer your employees, including trauma-oriented first aid training and inclusion of first aid kits designed to treat gunshot wounds in your interior shelters

Threat Reporting

You’ll evaluate what avenues you provide to employees to report suspicious or threatening behavior in the workplace and how effective it can be in preventing a possible active shooter event.

Ensure Your Organization Is Prepared For Anything

Once you complete the survey, you will instantly receive your personalized readiness score. You will also receive tactical recommendations to help you improve every area of your active shooter preparedness plan.

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