Emergency Preparedness Assessment

Our 10-question interactive online assessment helps you evaluate the key areas of your organization’s emergency preparedness planning, identify your plan’s weaknesses and receive tactical recommendations for improvement.

How Does Your Emergency
Preparedness Plan Measure Up?

Our assessment evaluates each of the following areas:

Overall Emergency Preparedness Planning

You’ll be asked to evaluate each of four specific subsets of your overall plan – an evacuation plan, shelter-in-place plan, emergency lockdown plan and the medical emergency plan – as well as the ability of your staff to take action in each specific emergency situation.

Active Shooter Preparedness

You’ll be asked to evaluate all the key areas of an active shooter plan, including procedures to harden your physical office space, mentally prepare your staff, implement an emergency notification system, and publish a physical plan all staff can follow in case of an active shooter.

Emergency Notification System

You’ll be asked to evaluate your organization’s ENS as well as the accuracy and completeness of your database of employee contact information.

Pandemic Planning

You’ll be asked to evaluate whether or not your organization’s pandemic plan covers all major areas including stockpiling supplies, making contingency plans for absent staff, planning for social distancing and other topics.

Ensure Your Organization Is Prepared For Anything

Upon completing the survey, you will instantly receive your personalized readiness score. You will also receive tactical recommendations on how to improve your organization’s planning in each of the 10 areas.

Take our Emergency Preparedness
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