Staying Alive When Fighting The Undead

This light-hearted training exercise uses an engaging subject – zombies! – to teach the core principles of active shooter preparedness.

Staying Alive When Fighting The Undead

While the scenario is admittedly fanciful, this tabletop exercise teaches core emergency preparedness principles written by emergency preparedness expert Robert Clark. It’s a great way to engage your employees and get them talking about emergency preparedness.

Download the training scenario to use on your next training day. Whether you present it as a tabletop exercise or a full-blown live event, it’s an engaging way for employees to learn critical emergency preparedness principles.

This comprehensive e-book covers:

  • The importance of identifying primary and alternative exits and evacuation routes
  • The best lockdown and barricade procedures
  • How to avoid attracting attention from passing zombies
  • How to defend yourself and your group
  • How to identify objects that can be used as improvised weapons

Now that you’ve prepared your organization for the zombie apocalypse, find out how mature the rest of your emergency preparedness planning is.