A Century Of Pandemics

Now Is The Time To Prepare For Pandemics

Only 100 years ago, the Spanish Flu killed 50 million people in just two years. Public health experts think that another major pandemic is very likely to occur in the next five years. 

Whether it’s a flu variant, Ebola or something new, it’s important that every organization is aware of the risks and preparing for them now. 

Take the first step in preparedness and start building a pandemics plan. Learn what actions you need to take to protect your employees from stocking up on cleaning supplies to implementing a remote working policy. 

Design a comprehensive plan that takes into account all these actions and conduct training exercises that build knowledge and familiarity with the plan. When your employees can react instinctively, they can act quickly and prevent injuries and death. 

It’s also important to continue building your knowledge with our e-books and webinars created by industry professionals. Learn more about the best strategies for preparedness and communication in these resources from our public health and emergency preparedness experts.

Ready to start preparing your organization for pandemics?

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