Prepare for Pandemics

In this recorded webinar we take a detailed look at how organizations can prepare for the growing threat of pandemics.

Pandemics: Preparing For Business’s Next Big Threat

When a pandemic strikes, it spreads quickly. And, thanks to the increase in international travel, pandemics now spread faster than ever before.

Whether it’s from the seasonal flu or the ever-present threat of biological warfare, your workforce, customers and suppliers could very quickly be incapacitated. While you may have prepared for limited business interruptions, how will your organization handle having more than 50% of your employees affected by illness?

You may not be able to prevent pandemics, but you can significantly mitigate their impact on your organization. Emergency preparedness expert Bob Clark shares his top strategies to prepare.

During this 60-minute session, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a pandemic and an epidemic
  • If this season’s deadly flu season is a pandemic
  • How pandemics are likely to affect individuals, businesses and society
  • How much warning you can expect that a pandemic is coming
  • What we should do to prepare, both as individuals and as an organization

Webinar Details

  • Recording Date: March 22, 2018
  • Speaker: Bob Clark


Bob Clark

Emergency Preparedness Consultant / Manager

Robert (Bob) Clark is a Fellow of the Institute of Business Continuity Management, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Member of the Security Institute.

His career includes 15 years with IBM and 11 years with Fujitsu Services, working with clients on BCM-related assignments.

The author of a number of business continuity-related publications, Bob wrote “Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat” as well as his newest book, “Crisis Management: Is Social Media Its New Best Friend Or Its Worst Nightmare?” 

He works with a number of global businesses through his company, BCM Consultancy.