Two pricing options. One instant quote. Zero obnoxious sales calls just to get a price.

Price plays a significant role in any meaningful purchase, at work or in your personal life. Whether you’re researching a gift for your mom, a bike for your kid, a new cable provider or a new car, we all dig deep into the Internet and diligently compare prices and features to find the product or service that delivers the best value for our needs.

Why should software be any different?

If you’ve spent any time on software vendors’ websites, you know that pricing information is a rare and mythical beast. In most cases, the word “pricing” is nowhere to be found. Software providers don’t want to scare potential customers away with high prices, or conversely, seem too cheap to warrant further evaluation.

To be fair, software licensing, especially in today’s SaaS world, does usually depend on multiple variables; you don’t just buy the box with the CDs in it and bring it home anymore. Some particularly complex enterprise solutions get a pass because it’s just not realistic to parse out all of the contingencies on one pricing page. But for more straightforward tools, there’s no excuse. Today’s consumers expect and deserve better.

That’s why we do things differently at AlertFind.

Mass notification systems aren’t incredibly complicated, and their pricing shouldn’t be either. Give us your estimated number of recipients and the number of messages that you expect to send each year, and we’ll email you a quote in less than five minutes (get started here). That’s it. If you’re just beginning to explore emergency notification systems, you’ll have a starting point. If you’re evaluating different vendors, you’ll have a hard number to bring to any conversations with AlertFind or our competitors.

We’ll also clearly explain how we arrived at that quote. Unlike the other guys, our pricing is simple. We have two unlimited plans designed to support businesses with different requirements:

  • Unlimited users, if you want the freedom to reach a large
    and/or variable number of people.
  • Unlimited messages, if you want the freedom to send as many messages
    as you’d like without worrying about overages.

Mass notification systems aren’t all created equal, but they’re not terribly differentiated either. If you’re getting approximately the same features and functionality from every vendor, it comes down to budget. Make sure you have the information you need to understand and compare your options.

Start with the Emergency Notification System Buyer’s Guide. We break down the different pricing models across the industry, provide ballpark costs, and reveal pricing details and quotes from five different ENS vendors (so you don’t have to make the phone calls.)

Ready to dive in? Get your custom price quote from AlertFind. Let us know how many recipients and messages you plan to use, and we’ll email you a price quote. It’s that simple.

Pricing shouldn’t be a secret or require a PhD to understand. Straightforward pricing and instant, accessible quotes – that’s how we work at AlertFind.

You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

Take the next step toward protecting your organization by learning more about emergency notification systems and the vital role they play in your emergency preparedness plan.