COVID-19 Pandemic Communications Resource Guide

Don’t let COVID-19 continue to disrupt your organization’s operations. Protect your organization today by downloading our COVID-19 Pandemic Communications Resource Guide.

COVID-19 has shown us firsthand the destructive power of a pandemic. Communication has become exponentially harder during its spread, while simultaneously becoming more important than ever before. 

To help you guide your organization during this time, we’ve curated a list of best practices, guidelines and templates that will help you create a comprehensive pandemics communications strategy to keep your organization educated.

Our comprehensive guide includes: 

  • Trusted sites to track and map the spread of COVID-19
  • Coronavirus disease mythbusters
  • Downloadable templates, worksheets and checklists to make planning easy
  • Tips for implementing COVID-19 communications strategies
  • Expert advice on how workplaces can prepare and respond to illnesses like COVID-19