Business Continuity Assessment

The threats facing your business are constantly evolving, with new threats emerging every year. You can drastically the risks by putting a comprehensive continuity plan in place.

Our new online business continuity risk assessment tool carefully evaluates your business continuity plan and provides tactical recommendations on how to improve it in the most critical areas. And it only takes 10 minutes.

Is Your Organization Ready For Today’s Evolving Threats?

After completing a quick 10-question survey, you’ll receive advice from expert Bob Clark in the following areas:

Overall Business Continuity Planning

You’ll evaluate the overall strength of your business continuity plan as well as the major areas your plan should cover, including recovery time objectives, business impact analysis, threat assessment and a work area recovery plan.

Continuity Awareness

You’ll evaluate how well you understand your organization’s critical continuity needs, including your maximum tolerable period of disruption and your potential data loss.

Plan Validation

You’ll evaluate how well your organization has validated its business continuity plan through the use of audit activities such as tabletop exercises and live training events.

Continuity Strategy

You’ll evaluate the business continuity strategy you’ve chosen for your organization and how effectively it protects the company.

Employee Awareness

You’ll evaluate how well you teach your employees what to do during a disaster, including their specific roles and responsibilities.

Comprehensive Planning

You’ll evaluate how much of your operations you’ve covered in your planning, including documentation for all recommended aspects of the business continuity process.

Get Started Protecting Your Organization Today.

You are well on your way toward protecting your staff and organization.

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