Active Shooter Preparedness

The 4 Things You Need To Know To Survive An Active Shooter Event

Learn the key tips everyone should know to improve their chances of surviving an active shooter event.

Active Shooter Lockdown And Barricade Procedures That Can Save Lives

Understanding lockdowns and shelter-in-place techniques is a key part of active shooter preparedness training.

Evade, Shelter and Barricade, and Fight and Counterattack: Use This Plan To Protect Against Active Shooters

“Evade, Shelter and Barricade and Fight and Counterattack” outlines what everyone should do if they find themselves in an active shooter event. Learn more about this life-saving strategy.

Life-Saving Active Shooter Training Strategies Every Organization Needs

With active shooter incidents becoming an epidemic, businesses and schools must ensure they’re prepared to react immediately.

Is Your Office A Soft Target? Harden Your Building With These Expert Tips

Protecting your organization from an active shooter means hardening your physical office. Get expert tips to harden your space and protect your staff: