Disasters / Emergency Situations

Prepare Your Business For a Disaster With Emergency Notifications

Business Emergency Communications Ensure Continuity In A Crisis

Do you have what it takes to manage business continuity? Not if you don’t have an emergency notification system.

Avoid Alert Fatigue With Timely, Relevant Mass Messaging

Alert fatigue can undermine the effectiveness of any emergency notification system. Here’s how to avoid it.

Protect Your Business During Power Outages With A Mass Notification System

Fast, multichannel business communications are what will set you apart when a blackout hits your company.

A Comprehensive Guide for Fire Prevention and Safety

In the United States, home fires claim the lives of an average of seven people a day. Fortunately, in most cases, fires are preventable.

Are You Doing Enough To Mitigate Your Wildfire And Mudslide Risk?

Life-Saving Active Shooter Training Strategies Every Organization Needs

With active shooter incidents becoming an epidemic, businesses and schools must ensure they’re prepared to react immediately.

Is Your Emergency Response Too Slow? Shorten It With These Expert Tips

The quicker your employees react to an emergency, the less potential for injuries and damage. Is your business prepared?

Tips To Create Engaging Emergency Preparedness Training

Glenn Jones shares his top strategies for creating customized emergency preparedness training in our recorded webinar.

How Training Minimizes Downtime And Maintains Productivity After A Disaster

Unplanned business disruptions lead to expensive downtime. We share how you can mitigate the risk with the right training.

Business Impact Analysis: How Long Do You Have To Recover From A Disaster?

Why Data Protection And Recovery Must Be Part Of Your Business Continuity Planning

Many businesses would find it impossible to function if their information technology went down. So, having an IT disaster plan in place is crucial.