Emergency Preparedness

Prepare Your Business For a Disaster With Emergency Notifications

Improve Government Crisis Response With A Smart Emergency Notification System

How AlertFind empowers local and state governments to efficiently prepare for emergencies.

Business Emergency Communications Ensure Continuity In A Crisis

Do you have what it takes to manage business continuity? Not if you don’t have an emergency notification system.

Become An Emergency Preparedness Advocate

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Life-Saving Active Shooter Training Strategies Every Organization Needs

With active shooter incidents becoming an epidemic, businesses and schools must ensure they’re prepared to react immediately.

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Tips To Create Engaging Emergency Preparedness Training

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Can You Reach Your Employees In An Emergency? Why You Need Multi-Device Notifications

Most employees won’t have a computer handy during a crisis, but you still need to reach them. Multi-channel notifications must be part of your plan.

This Business Disruption Costs Businesses $700 Billion Per Year

Is Your Business Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster?

No matter where you live, your business is at risk from severe weather. Learn how a reliable means of communication can protect your people: