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3 Steps Every Business Should Take To Prevent A Flu Pandemic

Meg Nash, MPH, discusses the three pandemic prevention tips companies should follow to keep employees safe.

Will The Next Pandemic Be A Flu Variant?

Public health expert Meg Nash, MPH, discusses flu variants and why experts think they’ll be the next pandemic.

Mold, Air and Other Hidden Indoor Dangers

Home hazards such as mold, carbon monoxide, radon, and other hidden dangers are not as apparent. These are hazards that are not easy to detect.

The Best Office Modifications To Make To Stop The Flu

Strong flu prevention programs should include three key office modifications in addition to education.

3 HR Policies Your Business Needs For Flu Prevention

Flu season is here. Update your company’s sick policy to support your flu prevention program.

Why Flu Shots Are An Organization’s Best Defense

Don’t let the flu cost your business millions in lost productivity. Learn how to protect your organization.

Don’t Let These Common Issues Derail Your Training Exercises

Prevent the common training exercise problems that can derail your organization’s emergency preparedness plan.

How An IT Alerting System Reduces Downtime, Reputational Damage

IT incident management teams can reduce downtime by using escalation paths to get their teams on the phone faster.

Who Should Be On Your Training Exercise Team?

There are three key training exercise roles that every team needs: observer, scribe and videographer.

Reach Everyone In Your Organization With SmartContact™

AlertFind’s SmartContact ensures you have 100% employee contact so you never miss anyone with your IT alerts.

IT Communication Strategies For Mergers And Acquisitions

Communication can make or break your next merger. Make sure you’re incorporating these strategies.

4 IT Strategies To Help Improve The M&A Experience

There are four ways that companies can better integrate IT into the merger process, especially during due diligence.