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Consolidation In The Emergency Notification System Market

The emergency notification system market is undergoing wide-scale consolidation. Learn what that means for consumers.

Do You Have The Right IT Alerting Technology?

Support your service desk improvements by implementing IT alerting systems that allow you to quickly notify your team, key stakeholders and users.

Reporting Workplace Violence: Why It’s Critical To Stopping Issues

Workplace violence is on the rise, and organizations looking to prevent an incident must encourage employees to report warning signs early. Workplace interactions expert David Smith provides tips, updated reporting strategies and explains why some methods are inefficient.

Why Your Alerting System Needs To Be HIPAA-Compliant

We share why no healthcare communications plan is complete without a HIPAA-compliant emergency notification system.

Jason Bryant Joins Radio Hosts Across America To Discuss Active Shooter Preparedness

Law enforcement veteran Jason Bryant joined radio hosts across America to discuss the importance of active shooter preparedness and share expert education and training strategies.

Why Your Company Needs A Threat Management Team

To ensure organizational safety, companies should create threat management teams. These teams can take preventative actions at the first signs of workplace violence, and serve as hubs for reporting.

Improving Your Service Desk Starts With A Gap Analysis

The first step to improving your service desk is conducting a gap analysis. You won’t be able to improve your metrics without first understanding where you’re falling short.

Incident Management Improvements Fail Without The Right Personnel Training

Process is the key to successful IT incident management, but even the best procedures will fail if there’s not personnel training to back it up.

What Are The 3 Stages Of Workplace Violence?

Learning to identify the stages of violence in the workplace, creating a reporting process and having a threat management team in place can reduce risk and help keep employees safe.

Workplace Violence Statistics 2018: A Growing Problem

Workplace violence is an escalating issue for organizations in the United States that requires proactive action. Learn more about this growing problem.

IT Communications: What Each Support Team Should Cover

Creating a comprehensive IT alerting strategy is key to successful incident resolution. Here’s a look at communication for each service level.

Can Your Business Continuity Plan Survive Today’s New Threats?

Business continuity expert Bob Clark discusses how companies can deal with evolving threats in AlertFind’s new webinar.