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Emergency Preparedness Insights, Tips and Best Practices

History of Emergency Alert Communication Systems

Communication methods have evolved significantly as technology has advanced over decades and even centuries.

Railroads: Emergency Communications, Histories and Hobbies

Over the decades, trains and how they are routed have changed greatly, and today, modern technology has enhanced communication on the tracks.

Winter Weather Warnings: Do You Know The Lingo?

Familiarize yourself with the National Weather Service’s three main winter weather alerts and their definitions.

Is Your ENS Provider Dedicated To Your Success?

Discover how AlertFind’s customer success team works with your organization to ensure the safety of your people.

Emergency Preparedness System for Companies: What To Look For

AlertFind’s emergency preparedness system helps organization send critical alerts during any disaster.

Classroom and School Emergency Preparedness

Serious emergencies can arise at any time. From natural disasters like floods, fires, or earthquakes to human-created emergency situations, it’s important that everyone knows what to do in order to ensure their own safety.

AlertFind Launches An All-New User Interface

AlertFind’s new web-based user interface uses the latest technologies to make staying connected easier than ever.

What Is A Mass Notification System?

Mass notification systems enable businesses to maintain organization-wide communication during emergencies.

3 Steps Every Business Should Take To Prevent A Flu Pandemic

Meg Nash, MPH, discusses the three pandemic prevention tips companies should follow to keep employees safe.

Will The Next Pandemic Be A Flu Variant?

Public health expert Meg Nash, MPH, discusses flu variants and why experts think they’ll be the next pandemic.

Mold, Air and Other Hidden Indoor Dangers

Home hazards such as mold, carbon monoxide, radon, and other hidden dangers are not as apparent. These are hazards that are not easy to detect.

The Best Office Modifications To Make To Stop The Flu

Strong flu prevention programs should include three key office modifications in addition to education.