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Going Mobile: Why You Must Be Able To Launch Alerts From Your Phone

We share how emergency notification mobile apps can help streamline your emergency communications, allowing you to send alerts from anywhere.

CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines: What You Need To Know

All organizations eligible for Medicare/Medicaid funding need to comply with The CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. Learn more in our recorded webinar.

Why You Need A Centralized Crisis Management Center For Cyber Threats And Emergencies

Combining emergency and IT alerts in a unified center will better protect your organization. Learn more in AlertFind’s recorded webinar.

Who Takes Care Of Your Team When Emergencies Occur In Your Hospital?

What’s Your Workplace Sick Leave Policy Missing? (Hint: It Involves Pandemics)

Pre-Written Alerts: Optimize Your Emergency Communications

We share why prewritten alerts are a critical component of emergency preparedness and how to add them to your communication plan.

What’s Your Workplace Sick Leave Policy Missing? (Hint: It Involves Pandemics)

Don’t wait until a pandemic hits to think about your sick leave policy. Plan now for how you’ll ensure business operations continue uninterrupted.

Is Your Healthcare Organization’s Emergency Communication Compliant With The CMS Rule?

Meg Nash, MPH helps healthcare organizations navigate the communications requirements of the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule in our recorded webinar.

Is Absence Management In A Pandemic Possible?

Absence management needs to be a part of your pandemic planning to ensure you’re able to continue business operations with a reduced workforce.

Most Emergency Notifications Systems Have The Same Flaw: An Incomplete Contact Database

Without an up-to-date contact database, an ENS is useless in a crisis. AlertFind has uniquely solved this problem with its SmartContact™ feature.

What Can We Learn From This Year’s Severe Flu Season?

We share the top lessons from 2017-18’s flu season that you can use to better prepare for next year.

Expert Tips To Incorporate Social Media Into Your Emergency Communications

Bob Clark uses a variety of real-world examples to show the best ways to use social media in crisis communications in our recorded webinar.

Jumpstart Your Pandemic Planning With These Templates

Pandemics are a universal threat. Use these planning templates to create better plans to protect your employees and operations.