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What Can We Expect From This Season’s Hurricane Forecast?

While not expected to be as bad as 2017, this year’s “near-average” hurricane forecast could still mean serious issues for businesses.

Get More From Your ENS: Add IT Monitoring Alerts

We share how you can improve your recovery time and save your organization money by using your ENS for both emergency and IT alerting.

Stopping Insider Threats Starts With This Action

While some organizations don’t view insider threats as a major priority, the damage they can do can be significant – just ask Tesla.

Addressing Workplace Violence In Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations are at a higher risk of workplace violence than other industries. Learn how you can better alert employees of any threats.

Top Cyber Security Threats Facing Your Organization

Cybersecurity attacks are expected to increase this year, with the average attack costing enterprises $1.3 million last year.

Why Community Outreach Is A Critical Requirement Of The CMS Rule

Emergency preparedness extends beyond your organization. The CMS rule requires healthcare providers to include community providers in your planning.

Hurricane Season Is Here. Is Your Organization Ready?

Get expert hurricane preparedness strategies and processes to include in your organization’s planning in AlertFind’s new webinar. Register now.

Emergency Notification Systems For Healthcare Organizations: Emergency Alerting Tips

CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines For Healthcare Organizations: What You Need To Know

Going Mobile: Why You Must Be Able To Launch Alerts From Your Phone

We share how emergency notification mobile apps can help streamline your emergency communications, allowing you to send alerts from anywhere.

CMS Emergency Preparedness Guidelines: What You Need To Know

All organizations eligible for Medicare/Medicaid funding need to comply with The CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule. Learn more in our recorded webinar.

Why You Need A Centralized Crisis Management Center For Cyber Threats And Emergencies

Combining emergency and IT alerts in a unified center will better protect your organization. Learn more in AlertFind’s recorded webinar.

Who Takes Care Of Your Team When Emergencies Occur In Your Hospital?

What’s Your Workplace Sick Leave Policy Missing? (Hint: It Involves Pandemics)