Emergency Notification System Comparison

Consolidation In The Emergency Notification System Market

Why Your Alerting System Needs To Be HIPAA-Compliant

We share why no healthcare communications plan is complete without a HIPAA-compliant emergency notification system.

Improve Your Emergency Communications With Recipient Groups

We share how to cut back on unnecessary notifications and increase the effectiveness of your emergency communications with preset recipient groups.

Why Your ENS Needs SOC 1 and 2 Certifications

We share everything you need to know about SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliance and the role it plays in protecting your organization’s data.

Get More From Your ENS: Add IT Monitoring Alerts

We share how you can improve your recovery time and save your organization money by using your ENS for both emergency and IT alerting.

Going Mobile: Why You Must Be Able To Launch Alerts From Your Phone

Pre-Written Alerts: Optimize Your Emergency Communications

We share why prewritten alerts are a critical component of emergency preparedness and how to add them to your communication plan.

Most Emergency Notifications Systems Have The Same Flaw: An Incomplete Contact Database

Without an up-to-date contact database, an ENS is useless in a crisis. AlertFind has uniquely solved this problem with its SmartContact™ feature.

How to Choose an ENS Solution, Part 5: The Critical Feature that Many Providers Ignore

How to Choose an ENS Solution, Part 2: Compliance with EU Privacy Regulations

How to Choose an ENS Solution, Part 3: Ensuring a Great Mobile Experience

Mobile access to your ENS is a must-have. In an emergency, you will need immediate, on-the-go access.

How to Choose an ENS Solution, Part 4: 6 Hotline Capabilities You Didn’t Know You Needed

How to Choose an ENS Solution, Part 1: 4 Differentiators in a Commoditized Market

In this blog series we will share how to understand the emergency notification systems market. Each post will tackle one detailed ENS topic.